Registration for the 2023 Free 7U Trial Tourney is open!

Register now!

WDMGS will participate in our ANNUAL "SUBURB" 7U Softball Trial Tourney with teams from Johnston and Urbandale. This is a 1-day tournament on Sunday, June 11 at the Urbandale Softball (UGRA) fields. There is no cost to participate and all players will receive a FREE Uniform tee shirt. The "trial tourney" day will consist of a few round robin games and medals for 1st and 2nd place!

We have limited space available and will likely close out registration around 40 total players – which would be AWESOME!


The goal of this would be for girls who would fall into the USSSA 8U division this fall to be able to experience a tournament with the USSSA 8U rules but in a more relaxed environment providing them with a glimpse of what tournament ball would be like.

  • Players must be 8 years old, or YOUNGER, on Jan 1, 2024.
  • Players cannot currently be on an 8U tourney team as this is meant to be a trial tourney for new players!

We will do our best to organize players with other girls from their current Rec teams, so they will be able to play with their friends.

Register before June 2, 2023!

Once registration is closed, we'll create teams, order shirts, and assign coaches so they can coordinate a practice beforehand if able to as time is flying by.

Rules & Coach Recommendations

We recommend each team have a minimum of 3 coaches/helpers present at the game with 4 being ideal (pitcher, 3rd base coach, first base coach and dugout) and remember, 2 coaches can be in the field during defense.

We will play using the standard Iowa USSSA 8U rules. Since these girls haven't played competitive ball before the 1 exception we will use for this tournament is instead of the pitcher needing to control the ball in the circle for play to stop she will only need to touch the ball while in the pitching circle.

Uniforms & Equipment

  • We’ll plan to distribute equipment (particularly catchers equipment and a few balls) sometime during the week of June 5.
  • The games will be played with regular 11" softballs, not Softie "training balls."
  • Uniform tees, will likely deliver the end of the week leading up to the tourney.
  • You'll need your own black pants and we recommend orange or black socks.

What’s the schedule?

  • We will email the actual game schedule as soon as we have it, but plan on 3 games minimum on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Will there be umpires?

  • After we determine a game schedule and teams, we'll need to assign PARENT “umpires” for each game.
  • EACH team needs to provide ONE (or more) PARENT UMPIRE & the home team will ump BEHIND THE PLATE based on coin flip.
  • The visitor could then provide the BASE umpire.