2024-25 Tigers Tournament Team Tryout Registration is open!


Fees for this year include: Registration + Tournament Team Cost + Rec League Costs as all tourney players are required to play rec league that same year.

Registration cost:

  • $50/player (due at the time of registering your player)

Tournament Fees:

  • 8U -- $750/player
  • 10U/12U/14U -- $850/player

Rec League Fees:

  • Bitty (PreK – K): $160/player
  • Petite (1st – 2nd): $185/player
  • Junior (3rd – 4th): $200/player
  • Intermediate (5th – 6th): $200/player
  • Senior (7th – 10th): $155/player

Invoices will be sent in August and February for the Tournament Team Cost and Rec League Cost total.

  • 60% of these total costs will be due in August and 40% of the costs will be due in February.
  • There is a 5% discount if you pay in full at the time of the August invoice.
  • Also, we will be including a multi-player discount of $15/player for the rec league fees on the invoice.

Other Fees
Players purchase their own equipment, black pants, socks and belt
*Fees reflect 2024-25 rates and are subject to future change.

Fees cover year-round access to our Indoor Practice Facility and Fields at Holiday Park, as well as tournament entry and gate admission for family & friends to most USSSA Events. Thank you for your support and participation.

Tryout Evaluation Details

Tryouts for the 24-25 season will be the week of June 17-20. Back up date for any weather issues is June 21. (This is tentative information and may be updated prior to tryouts.)

Age classification is determined by your daughters age on January 1, 2025 (after the new year). Example: If your daughter turns 10 on or before January 1, she will try out at the 10U level.

  • 14U - Monday, June 17 (Girls born in 2010 & 2011)
  • 12U - Tuesday, June 18 (Girls born in 2012 & 2013)
  • 10U - Wednesday, June 19 (Girls born in 2014 & 2015)
  •   8U - Thursday, June 20 (Girls born in 2016 or after)

All tryout check-in/registration will begin at Holiday Park concessions stand at 5:30.

  • Evaluations will begin around 6:00 pm, once all players have checked in and should be complete around 8:00 pm.

Pitcher and catcher evaluations (not in 8U) will be at the beginning of evaluations each night.

  • Catchers are evaluated on the following skills (thrown by an adult): blocking, pop ups, framing, throw downs to 2nd, pick offs at 1st and 3rd.
  • Pitchers will warm up to an adult or each other while catchers are being evaluated. Pitchers will be evaluated after catchers by throwing 12-15 pitches to an adult catcher calling out their types of pitches for the evaluators and coaches to see.

Tournament Team Details & Fine Print

COACHES: All parents (especially any who have played or coached softball or baseball competitively) are strongly encouraged to volunteer as coaches for WDMGS sponsored “tournament teams”.  Interviews by the WDMGS board of coaching candidates will take place Sunday, June 9. Anyone interested in interviewing to be a coach, should complete the application form sent via email as soon as possible. Application will be open until midnight on June 3, 2024.

To play for a tournament team, a girl must:

  1. meet the age requirements for the team (see below)
  2. play in the WDMGS “rec league” for the upcoming season (players who did not play in the rec league this year may still be eligible to play for a tournament team on a case to case basis).

Decisions about possible changes to these requirements will be made before the creation of the teams for next year.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: A player’s “age level” is determined by her age as of January 1st in the year “after” the team is created. Tournament teams are currently set up based on two year age increments (8U, 10U, 12U and 14U).  In other words, for this year, if a girl will be 8 years old or younger on January 1, 2025, she is eligible to play on an 8U team for the coming year.

Decisions about possible changes to these parameters will be made prior to the creation of the teams for next year.

TRYOUTS: Tryouts (conducted by age group) for next year’s tournament teams will be held on multiple nights. Check in will occur at 5 pm each night and each player will receive numbers to pin onto their shirt. While many of the coaches know the players, we will utilize the numbers throughout the process.

We ask that once players are checked in and to their respective spots that parents head out to the cars or leave during the showcase.

Each player will participate in three stations during the showcase:

  • Outfield
  • Infield
  • Hitting

During these rotations they will participate in drills and skills that are age appropriate. The coaches will have an opportunity to watch each group and take notes. Each rotation will last 30 minutes and will be run simultaneously.

If a player is a catcher or a pitcher there will be separate showcase for each group during the evening. We ask that if your player is trying out for these positions that they have played them previously. We encourage all players to work on these positions, but these showcases are for those that have played at least one season of those positions.


After the showcase is completed each evening, the selection process will begin.

  • There will be no rankings of players and lists of specific players to choose from given to coaches as has been done in the past.
  • Each coach will be able to select their roster from the full grouping of eligible players from that group.
  • Coaches will have been announced prior to the showcase and once complete, the first coach will be able to immediately submit her/his roster to the Executive Board for approval.
  • Once the roster is approved, coaches will have a 24-hours to reach out to players and players will have 24 hours to respond to the coach. It is our goal to move the selection process quickly to ensure that parties are not left unsure about what is happening.
  • We will continue to move through coaches and the eligible players until each division is completed.

SCHEDULE: Tournament teams play a “fall season” and a “spring/summer” season. How much each team plays and practices is decided (by the coaches and the parents of the players) on a team-by-team basis.

COST: The current cost to play for a WDMGS sponsored tournament team is broken down above.

REGISTRATION: Registration for the 24-25 season is open and tryouts will be June 17-20, 2024.

QUESTIONS: Please contact the executive board members at wdmgshelp@gmail.com.