Opening Day Parade & Ceremonies

Saturday, April 21, 2018 will be the WDMGS opening day parade and ceremonies. The route will go from Valley highschool to our softball fields. Once at the fields, the teams will be introduced and the first pitch will be thrown out. Games will be played by Bitty and Petite teams on that same day. No games will be played by Juniors or Intermediates.

Below are details related to opening day. This is a fun tradition that has been a part of our program for several decades.

Long story short:

Parade lineup will begin at 7:45am in the at Valley High School in the East Parking Lot at the corner of Valley West Drive and Ashworth. It would be advisable to arrive between 8-8:15am.  Each rec team will decorate the “team truck” that they will be riding in at this time and each rec team will need to provide their own truck–hopefully a parent will be willing to drive. The parade begins at 9am, so do not be late. WDMGS will have board members on site, coordinating the lineup, but we will be pointing trucks to the SOUTH end of the lot, (the North lot will be used for a performing arts event that day as well, so please head south), and we’ll leave through the south exit when the parade starts.

Each team should also bring “a lot” of candy to throw out along the route. A couple of bigger bags from each kid should be pretty good, but the more, the better!

Other notes:

  1. There is no “order”…the first team there is first in line. The next next gets behind them and so on.
  2. Congrats to the Junior Eagles! You have been selected to ride the City Fire Truck – and the city is providing a driver. This was drawn at random, but if you don’t want to ride the fire truck, please respond so we can select an alternate team.
  3. The route goes: VHS parking lot onto Valley West Drive, turn left onto Ashworth, turn right onto Vine, turn right onto 9th Street, end at Holiday Park.
  4. The City is aware of the parade and will have police on site to direct traffic.
  5. Once at Holiday Park, we will direct and organize all of the teams on Rodish, and we’ll announce each team as they run onto Kimball, in front of the concessions stand, starting with the Bitty Division.

Wear your uniforms & HAVE FUN!

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Rules & Coaches Manual

Give our manual a good look. There may be some special rules, depending on your age-group, to familiarize yourself with.

2017 Parent and Coaches Manual