How many games are there and when do Games & Practices Start?

Our leagues offer about 10 games in around a 6 week window, so there would be 1-2 games per week. At the youngest (Bitty) level, we’re going to conduct practices on the same nights as games, within a 1-hour window. The first 20-30 minutes would be practice time, and then there would be a 30-40 minute game. Games and practices will usually start around 6pm, each evening.

What nights are games and practices on?

Games are scheduled, in most cases, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings – typically avoiding Wednesdays & weekends. Opening weekend will have bitty and petite games scheduled.

Practices are scheduled at the discretion of the coach and the families of each of our teams.

How are teams formed?

  • From pre-k through 2nd grade, players are grouped predominantly by the elementary schools + teammate requests.
  • From 3rd grade on up, we use a draft process to ensure a more competitive balance from team to team.