2018 Coach Interview Schedule

WDMGS Coaches Interview Schedule
Iowa Realty (Valey West Location) 1516 Valley W Dr, West Des Moines, IA 50266
Please arrive 15 minutes early.
Time Slot
8U - 10U – Wednesday, June 13, 6pm
jason@farmboyinc.com Jason McArtor 515-314-1321 8U, 14U 6:00
foudred@Nationwide.com Dan Foudree 319-213-2147 8U 6:12
loebt@wdmcs.org Thad Loeb 515-210-9864 8U 6:24
msmarybear01@gmail.com Mary Simmons 5154735352 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U 6:36
morgantheisen12@gmail.com Morgan Theisen 515-729-4203 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U 6:48
jacobtbrower@gmail.com Jake Brower 5157074472 10U 7:12
finntastic34@gmail.com Tina Finn 8473471369 10U 7:24
swright@iowarealty.com Stephanie Hart 5152026150 10U 7:36
ryandhervey@gmail.com Ryan Hervey 5157101583 10U 7:48
brandon.bhoward@yahoo.com Brandon Howard 5157105741 10U 8:00
stefeniewright@gmail.com Stefenie Wright 7122531766 10U 8:12
roseb@wdmcs.org Brad Rose 5156335000 10U, 12U 8:24
12U - 14U – Thursday, June 14, 6pm
poolsbymike@gmail.com Mike Aeschliman 515-202-7048 12U 6:00
kari.battles@hotmail.com Kari Battles-Brown 5153339554 12U 6:12
dougbuchholz@homeserviceslending.com Doug Buchholz 515-971-0230 12U 6:24
joshdewes@hotmail.com Josh Dewes 515-707-5596 12U 6:36
colin@kandvhomes.com COLIN KING 5152024483 12U 6:48
Simmons, Thiesen, Rose - video 7:00
joel.huston@gmail.com Joel Huston 5152057103 14U 7:48
herkynation@msn.com Trent Shaner 515-371-6526 14U 8:00
McArtor - video 8:12

How Does Coach & Player Selection Work?

Coach Selection & Tournament Team Selection Process

  1. Coaches apply, are interviewed and ranked by the board, in order of preference – the votes are sealed and kept secret at each age level.
  2. Players attend tryout and are evaluated and scored by objective, independent evaluators across various criteria.
  3. Rec and Tournament Coaches evaluate their players across multiple criteria, to be utilized along with tryout scores for overall ranking.
  4. WDMGS board ranking committee assembles to review tryout evaluations and coaches' player evaluations to rank all players from 1 to 50 (or however many participants there may be at an age group).
  5. There are 2 key factors in the ranking process: 1) the top 6 girls, and 2) the top 15 girls. The top 6 girls are required to be offered a spot to play on the first team that is formed by the coach. The remaining girls from the top 15 may be offered spots at the discretion of the coach, to complete a roster (likely of somewhere between 10-12 girls).
  6. The coaching vote is then counted and the coach of the first team is named, based on the highest ranked coach from the board vote, who has a daughter ranked in the top 15 players.
  7. Any players from the 15 that are not selected for the first team become available for the next team to be formed and the process repeats itself.

We hope to have all teams created and each girl called by mid-July.

Coaches Needed

Step 1 - Apply Below

All parents (especially any who have played or coached softball or baseball competitively) are strongly encouraged to volunteer as coaches for WDMGS sponsored “tournament teams”.  Coach interviews are scheduled to be held, beginning at 7pm on June 13th & 14th, 2018 (location TBD).  Anyone interested in interviewing to be a coach, should complete the application form available here, as soon as possible - or use the embedded form, below. Application will be open until Friday, June 1.


Step 2 - Complete our Background Check

Print and bring your Background Check form to your interview.


Step 3 - Check Your Email for Confirmation

Some browsers, especially on mobile devices, may not submit the form correctly. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser. You should receive a confirmation email like the one shown here, from Google Forms. You can also edit the form, after submitting. Thank you!


West Des Moines Girls Softball Tournament Coaches

If you're new to coaching, here are some resources that should be beneficial in managing your team, registering your team for USSSA tournament play.

Fee Collection Dates:

10U-14U Fees ($700)

Tryout Deposit - $50

August 31, 2019 - $430 ($350 for dues and $80 for jerseys)

February 15, 2020 - $300


8U Fees ($500)

Tryout Deposit - $50

August 31, 2019 - $330 ($250 for dues and $80 for jerseys)

February 15, 2020 - $200

The Tiger Cage

West Des Moines Girls Softball's premium indoor facility available to all our tournament team players.


Register your team


Need to borrow a player? Here are some important rules

Iowa USSSA Softball Pick Up Player Rules


http://www.iowausssafastpitch.com/ - Under the 'Rules Info' Menu Item

Certificate of Insurance

Current Proof of Insurance (required by some tournaments)

Tigers Team Logo

For Coaches Shirts or Caps (Please, do not use for team apparel.)

Tournament Fees & Gate Fees

Some USSSA tournaments now have 2 fees that are collected, the Registration Fee to play in the tournament (typically $260-275) and a prepaid gate fee of $150 ($125 for one-day events). This pre-paid gate fee will be indicated on the tournament "Event" page. For tournaments of this type, there are no admission fees for family or fans. WDMGS will deduct both fees from the team budget and payment can be made directly by WDMGS to the Tournament Director or reimbursed to any coach who has paid in advance.

Other tournaments may or may not include the "gate fee" with the Registration Fee, and simply require a single payment. Again, this detail may be seen on the "Event" page for each tournament.

CIS/USSSA Gate Fees can be paid here:

Team Organization

Player Questionnaire

We have pre-formatted a Google Form that you can provide to your players and families, to get an idea of their player and the family's expectations. Upon clicking the link you will be prompted to Copy this document (you will need a Google Account to save this file, create one here).

Player Questionnaire Form

Parent Support (Assistant Coach) Questionnaire

We have pre-formatted a Google Form that you can provide to parents, for coordinating assistant coaches, pre-game help, practice coaches and organizing your team support staff. Upon clicking the link you will be prompted to Copy this document(you will need a Google Account to save this file, create one here).

Parent Support Form

Order Uniforms

Each team/coach will be responsible for submitting uniform orders for the Fall season prior to the end of July – specific date will be provided via email by our WDMGS uniform coordinators. Coaches will need to collect payment, upon their arrival.

Uniform Order Form

Book Practice Time

See the link below to create a quick login (you can use your Facebook profile to login, which is easiest).



Schedules & Documents

Fall Wrap-up Meeting (Late October / Early November)

Share thoughts, ideas, frustrations and successes with our board and other WDMGS coaches.