West Des Moines Girls Softball Tournament Coaches

If you're new to coaching, here are some resources that should be beneficial in managing your team, registering your team for USSSA tournament play.

How Does Coach & Player Selection Work?

Coach Selection & Tournament Team Selection Process

  1. Coaches apply, are interviewed and ranked by the board, in order of preference – the votes are sealed and kept secret at each age level.
  2. Players attend tryout and are evaluated and scored by objective, independent evaluators across various criteria.
  3. Rec and Tournament Coaches evaluate their players across multiple criteria, to be utilized along with tryout scores for overall ranking.
  4. WDMGS board ranking committee assembles to review tryout evaluations and coaches' player evaluations to rank all players from 1 to 50 (or however many participants there may be at an age group).
  5. There are 2 key factors in the ranking process: 1) the top 6 girls, and 2) the top 15 girls. The top 6 girls are required to be offered a spot to play on the first team that is formed by the coach. The remaining girls from the top 15 may be offered spots at the discretion of the coach, to complete a roster (likely of somewhere between 10-12 girls).
  6. The coaching vote is then counted and the coach of the first team is named, based on the highest ranked coach from the board vote, who has a daughter ranked in the top 15 players.
  7. Any players from the 15 that are not selected for the first team become available for the next team to be formed and the process repeats itself.

We hope to have all teams created and each girl called by in a timely manner.

Applying to be a Coach?

Step 1 - Apply Below

All parents (especially any who have played or coached softball or baseball competitively) are strongly encouraged to volunteer as coaches for WDMGS sponsored “tournament teams”.

Step 2 - Check Your Email for Confirmation

Some browsers, especially on mobile devices, may not submit the form correctly. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser. You should receive a confirmation email, after submitting, from Google Forms. You can also edit the form, after submitting.

Step 3 - Save the Date for In-Person Coaching Interviews

This year, our in-person coach interviews will be held at Holiday Park on Thursday, June 16. Exact schedules will be made and sent out to all coaching applicants beforehand.

2022-23 Tigers Tournament Team Tryout Information

10U-14U Fees ($800 + applicable jersey fees)

  • Tryout Deposit - $50
  • September 15, 2022 - $400
  • February 15, 2023 - $350

8U Fees ($600 + applicable jersey fees)

  • Tryout Deposit - $50
  • September 15, 2022 - $300
  • February 15, 2023 - $250

Other Fees
Players purchase their own equipment, black pants, socks and belt
*Fees reflect 2022-23 rates and are subject to future change.

The Tiger Cage

West Des Moines Girls Softball's premium indoor facility available to all our tournament team players is located at 1650 Fuller Road in West Des Moines. The front 1/3 of the building is Mad Strength Lab, we are the back 2/3s of the building.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about our Tiger Cage!


Once teams have been formed, we will send you a document outlining exactly what you need to do as a head coach.


http://www.iowausssafastpitch.com/ - Under the 'Rules Info' Menu Item

Certificate of Insurance:

Current Proof of Insurance (required by some tournaments) coming soon...

Tigers Team Logo:

For Coaches Shirts or Caps (Please, do not use for team apparel.)

Tournament Fees & Gate Fees:

Most USSSA tournaments will have an Entry Fee and a Gate Fee.  Depending on the size of the tournament, and your age division, these tournaments may run between $350 - $600.  To review the fees associated with a tournament, please check the “Event Home” section of the specific tournament on the USSSA website.

Some tournaments may not have a Gate Fee and will simply charge admission to spectators who attend the games.