Our fields are for WDM Tigers tourney teams and our WDMGS rec league teams only. Please contact wdmgshelp@gmail.com with questions.

Coaches can book practice time on any of our 7 Holiday Park Fields or at our indoor Hitting Facility in Clive. Practice slots are broken out into 60-90 minute increments.

NOTE: NEW Tournament Coaches will need lockbox key access to use the Indoor Facilities. Please contact WDMGS for instructions. Also, this is a small facility (batting cage & machine, tee station & toss station,) PLEASE limit the number of girls on-site to 3-4 at a time. Teams typically break practice up into 3, 20-30 minute groups.


Holiday Park
1323 Maple Street
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

The Tiger Cage (Key Access Required)
1985 94th Street, Suite C
Clive IA 50325