Opening Ceremonies

Opening ceremonies will be held the week of April 29. Teams will decorate parts of the fence (and dress up if they want to) + we will have introductions, throwing of the first pitch and the first of many games played.

Below are some resources to get you started and guide you through the season.

Season Details & Dates 

  1. Rosters & Parent Welcome Email going out the end of the week of March 18, 2024
  2. Coaches for Junior and Intermediate leagues draft night is Monday, March 18 @ 6 pm. 
  3. Submit Coaches Shirt Size ASAP
  4. Games Begin April 29, 2024
     Complete schedules should be posted and available by the beginning of April.
  5. Rules
    Rules can be seen here.
  6. Number of Games per Level
    1. Bitty
      The Bitties will play an 8 game schedule. No doubleheaders. Coaches can choose to have the first 20 minutes be a practice and the last 40 minutes be the game. This is up to the coaches of the Bitty league.
    2. Petites
      The Petites will play a 10 game schedule with the possibility of a doubleheader or two.
    3. Juniors
      The Juniors will play a 10-12 game schedule including doubleheaders, single games and an end of the season tournament.
    4. Intermediates
      The Intermediates will play a 10-12 game schedule including doubleheaders, single games and an end of the season tournament.
    5. Seniors
      The Seniors will play an 8 game schedule of 4 doubleheaders.
  7. Game Schedules should be out the first week of April
    The game schedules will run from May to mid-June. Senior level will only play during April due to High School rules.
  8. Coach Background Checks
    We need to conduct criminal background checks on head coaches and ONE "official" assistant coach, per team. This person would be the other person wearing the WDMGS uniform and representing the organization in an official manner. Information will be sent to coaches in order to complete this process.
  9. Coaches Meeting - Tuesday, March 19 @ 6 pm at the Tiger Cage
  10. Parent/Coach/Player Meeting - Park Clean-up Day - Monday, March 25 @ 5:30 pm (back up date of March 26)
  11. Coaches may begin booking practices after field clean up day
    We'll send out the practice booking link later.
  12. Equipment Pickup - During Park Clean-up Day - Monday, March 25.
    Our Equipment Coordinator will be available the night of Park Clean Up for distributing bags for the coaches to be picked up. Please come to the garage in the back of the concessions stand. If this time frame will not work for you, you can set up another time.
  13. Uniform Pickup
    Uniforms will be made available the week of picture days - so before April 23.
  14. Picture Day
    Team and individual pictures will be taken on Tuesday, April 23 & Thursday, April 25 from 5-9 pm at the Tiger Cage
  15. Team Sponsorships
    If someone on your team wants to sponsor the team, or any other team, costs begin at $250.00 to get the name of a company on the back of the team t-shirt.  PLEASE INFORM YOUR TEAM FAMILIES OF THIS OPPORTUNITY.  IF THEY WANT TO SPONSOR A TEAM, HAVE THEM CONTACT

Additional Notes

  1. Equipment Purchases
    Good places to buy equipment (pants, helmets, fielding masks, etc.) are Hopkins, Dicks, Scheels, Target and Wal-Mart. 

  2. Cleats
    Girls at all ages can wear cleats. However, at the younger ages, please make sure families understand that that girls will be fine playing in sneakers/tennis shoes–they are NOT required. No metal cleats are allowed at any age.

  3. Fielding Masks
    A fielding mask is REQUIRED equipment. The “fielding masks” can be found at any of the above-noted places or, at numerous places on line such as One of the most popular brands are called “RIP IT” and can be found at RIP-IT Fielder's Masks

  4. Batting Helmets & Chin Straps
    Our rules require that girls have their own batting helmets with face cages and chin straps. The sharing of helmets is discouraged due to sanitary considerations. 

  5. Pictures 
    Team pictures will be spread out into 3 separate nights this year to not have to take up a whole Saturday. Pictures will be taken at the fields on a night before you are scheduled to play a game. Schedule TBD.

  6. Equipment Assistance
    If there are families with concerns about the costs of equipment, we do have a fair amount of used equipment in our shed that has been donated over the years that we allow people to simply have (if they want it and if it is otherwise still in good shape and safe). Please explain to families that are interested that they can check that stuff out at park clean up day.

  7. Equipment Swap Site
    We've also created a softball equipment swap site on Facebook. You can visit the site and post items you're looking for, or wanting to get rid of. At this point in time, it's only for WDMGS members. Visit the site here!

Coaches Manual & Form Downloads

Player Rotation & Batting Lineup

For the Bitty (pre-K - K) and Petite (1st & 2nd) levels, coaches must rotate players equally, both at positions and through their lineups, so long as there isn't a safety issue with putting someone at a position or if a girl is simply terrified of playing catcher or something of that sort.

For these purposes, WDMGS offers a form that can either be downloaded for each game or simply Copied as a Google Doc to input the team lineup. It's easiest to fill your entire season in one sitting, by simply duplicating the Spreadsheet 12 times and then just Copy/Pasting the lineup and shifting each girl down one spot in the order for each game. This makes things much easier for games and you just have to refer to your sheet to know where girls should be positioned and you don't have to listen to Sally ask to play 1st Base every inning.


The forms are available for teams of 10, 11 and 12 players and can be accessed at the link below.

Bitty & Petite Player Rotation Chart - 10 Players

Bitty & Petite Player Rotation Chart - 11 Players

Bitty & Petite Player Rotation Chart - 12 Players

Rules & Coaches Manual

Give our manual a good look. There may be some special rules, depending on your age-group, to familiarize yourself with.

Parent and Coaches Manual

Coaches Background Check: You will be contacted via email.

Sponsor A Softball Team

Put your name in front over 400 families, all season long. Team Sponsorships begin at $250 Contact our sponsorship coordinator, below.

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