Opening Day Parade & Ceremonies

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 - Lineup Starts at 8 am at Valley High School

Please see info below for details.

All players to dress in uniform!  


8:00 - Fire truck & Trucks start lining up at Valley High School in the East side parking lot.

8:30 - Players arrive at VHS

9:00 - Parade begins at VHS


If the parade is to be cancelled the Weather Hotline will be updated, 515-830-1151. The website will be updated and an email from Team Snap will be sent.


Please remind players to bring candy to throw. No candy will be provided. The more the better...the parade route is long and kids have been known to run out of candy pretty quickly.


Feel free to decorate your vehicle with balloons, signs, streamers, etc...

Fire trucks:

There will be 1 fire truck this year. The 2 teams randomly drawn to ride on the fire truck will be informed if they were picked. Due to WDM rules, Bitty and Petite teams are not allowed to ride on the fire truck.

  • Juniors: TBD
  • Intermediate: TBD

Softball games:

All scheduled games on all fields will begin after the team introductions and opening day celebrations.

OPENING CEREMONY:  Teams line up on RODISH and then file onto KIMBALL for the Opening Ceremony.


  1.                 Bumblebees
  2.                 Bunnies
  3.                 Chipmunks
  4.                 Cubs
  5.                 Fireflies
  6.                 Pandas
  7.                 Red Hots


  1.                 Colts
  2.                 Cougars
  3.                 Cubs
  4.                 Falcons
  5.                 Fireflies
  6.                 Gators
  7.                 Hawks
  8.                 Pandas
  9.                 Red Hots
  10.                 Wolves
  11.                 Yellow Jackets


  1.                 Broncos
  2.                 Bruins
  3.                 Bulldogs
  4.                 Cubs
  5.                 Eagles
  6.                 Falcons
  7.                 Gators


  1.                 Bruins
  2.                 Cubs
  3.                 Eagles
  4.                 Falcons
  5.                 Gators

Starting with the Bitty Bumblees and finishing with the Intermediate Gators, teams come from the right field corner of RODISH onto KIMBALL and lineup around the infield (starting by 1st base and going around to 3rd base).



Youth Fielding Mask, under $20.

We've had several players from our teams who have ordered this mask, from the link above. By all reports, the quality seems to be comparable to the more expensive brands.



Below are some resources to get you started and guide you through the season, from when practices and games start, to .

Season Details & Dates

  1. Rosters & Parent Welcome
    Early March, 2017
    All rec players should be contacted by their coach by early March. If you have registered, but have not been contacted, please let us know.
  2. Games Begin
    Saturday, April 22, 2017
    Games will begin at these levels following our OPENING DAY PARADE on Saturday 4-22.  The parade starts at 9:00.  The line-up is in the parking lot at VHS next to the baseball and softball diamonds.  Although some of the older girls may get to ride on firetrucks, the fire department does not allow the younger girls to do that and, in any event, we do not know how many firetrucks, if any, we will have access to.  As such, you will need to line up a vehicle for your team to ride in the parade. Pickups work fine.  You and the families on your team are also responsible for any candy the girls want to throw.  Decorating the vehicles is HIGHLY encouraged.  Have fun!
  3. Rules
    At our next board meeting in early April we will finalize the rules of play for this year.  These will be posted to our website, around the time practice begins.
  4. Number of Games per Level
    1. Bitties
      The Bitties will play a 10 game schedule.  Although we are trying (gradually) doubleheaders at the older levels, with girls this young we did not think doubleheaders would work so you will have 10 individual games.  
    2. Petites
      The Petites will play a 12 game schedule.  We are going to try one doubleheader at this level to see how it works.  In addition to that, you will have 10 single games.
    3. Juniors
      The Juniors will play a 12 game schedule.  We are going to have four doubleheaders at this level and four single games.
    4. Intermediates
      The Intermediates will play a 10 game scheduled.  We are going to have four doubleheaders at this level and two single games.
  5. Game Schedules
    TBD - 2017
    The schedules will run from 4-22 to late May or early June.  The schedules are being worked out and should be posted in early April.
  6. Coach Background Checks
    If you, as a parent, are serving as head coach, or an assistant, we need you to submit a quick background check form.  Download the background check PDF here.
  7. Coaches Clinic
    TBD - 2017, 6-7:30pm - The Tiger Cage (1985 94th Street, Clive)
    VHS head softball coach Tom Bakey will conduct a clinic. All coaches are highly-encouraged to attend as many fundamentals will be covered.
  8. Parent/Coach/Player Meeting - Park Cleanup Day
    Saturday, March 25 - 9 am - Holiday Park
    This year we will incorporate these 2 days into one morning. Weather permitting, that will take place on March 25th starting at 9 am. at Holiday Park.  The backup date will be April 1 starting at 9:00.  BE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THIS IMPORTANT DATE!The plan will be to (1) have teams sit together; (2) make some general opening comments to everyone; (3) give folks a few minutes to "meet" as teams (and hopefully) distribute team shirts; and (4), after that, have everyone who can stick around to help cleanup leaves and trash to get the park "ready" to go.
  9. Practice Begins
    After March 25th, 2017
    The City does not allow us to “open” the fields at Holiday Park until after the park cleanup day.  If you want to practice before then, you can do so on other fields around the city.  At the park-clean-up day, we will explain to the coaches the system that exists for booking field time at Holiday Park for practice.
  10. Equipment & Uniform Pickup
    TBD 2017

    Equipment bags and team t-shirt pickup should also be available at the park clean-up day.
  11. Picture Day
    April 8, 2017 - more details coming soon
  12. Team Sponsorships
    TBD 2017
    If someone on your team wants to sponsor the team, or any other team, it costs $200.00 to get the name of a company on the back of the team t-shirt.  PLEASE INFORM YOUR TEAM FAMILIES OF THIS OPPORTUNITY.

Additional Notes

  1. Equipment Purchases
    Good places to buy equipment (pants, helmets, fielding masks, etc.) are Hopkins, Sports Authority, Dicks, Scheels, Target and Wal-Mart.

  2. Cleats
    Girls at all ages can wear cleats.  However, at the younger ages, please understand that that girls will be fine playing in sneakers/tennis shoes–they are NOT required.  No metal cleats are allowed at any age.

  3. Fielding Masks
    Starting this year, a fielding mask is REQUIRED equipment for any girl playing “on the dirt” – which at the Rec level would likely include every player.  We adopted this rule to mirror the Iowa High School and to do what we can to help foster the safety of the girls in our program.  The “fielding masks” can be found at any of the above-noted places or at numerous places on line.  One of the most popular brands are called “RIP IT” and can be found at RIP-IT Fielder's Masks

  4. Batting Helmets & Chin Straps
    Our rules require that girls have their own batting helmets and chin straps.  The sharing of helmets is discouraged due to sanitary considerations. 

  5. Picture Day
    More details about “picture day” on 4-6-17 will be forthcoming.  For now, for those of you that are new, the basic deal there is that the teams can show up (if they want) to get group and individual pictures taken in their uniforms.  Costs for pictures are in addition to your registration charges (WDMGS makes nothing on the pictures).  The pictures do make GREAT mementos.

  6. Equipment Assistance
    If there are families with concerns about the costs of equipment, we do have a fair amount of used equipment in our shed that has been donated over the years that we allow people to simply have (if they want it and if it is otherwise still in good shape and safe). Families that are interested can check that stuff out at park clean up day.

Rules & Coaches Manual

Give our manual a good look. There may be some special rules, depending on your age-group, to familiarize yourself with.

2017 Parent and Coaches Manual